CVA Action Board meets with the CVA Board of Trustees

Tonight, the CVA Action Board had an extraordinarily positive meeting with the CVA Board of Trustees. The CVA Action Board had a list of key items to discuss, and the CVA Board of Trustees were receptive to all of the items. Full disclosure of the financial report is scheduled to be shared with CVA Action Board. We expect a response to other key items within the next 2 days. Based on our meeting, we are increasingly optimistic that we will be celebrating CVA’s 100th anniversary in 2024.

P.S. We showed the CVA Voice student video to the CVA Board of Trustees.

CVA Action is officially a nonprofit organization

We had a meeting last night (Jan. 29), and we have news:

1. CVA Action is officially a nonprofit organization. Which means that we have started fundraising to save the college! Expect to hear from us soon regarding giving money, and ways you can contribute to the effort.

2. We unanimously elected a Board of Directors:

Ben Levitz – President
Ed Charbonneau – VP of Communications
Derek Bressler – VP of Student Affairs
James O’Brien – VP of Faculty Affairs
Jeremy Szopinski – VP of Community Affairs
Nyla Niblo – VP of Alumni Affairs
Fiona Eustathiades – Secretary
Diane Bressler – Treasurer

3. We continue to reach out, gather resources, organize, and plan for the success of CVA!

4. We will be having a public meeting very soon! We’re very hopeful about the future of CVA. Please watch this site, as well as – – – – for meeting details. And please send your contact information to