CVA 2024 continues work on a turnaround plan for The College of Visual Arts

CVA Action subcommittee CVA 2024 met again yesterday with higher education guru David Mathieu to further develop a turnaround framework for CVA, with a focus on college structure, space and building usages, and marketing strategy. In addition to establishing a viable and sustainable path forward for the college, the plan also emphasizes a mission to “restore the importance of educating an emerging workforce in practical creative problem-solving, as provided by a quality and thoughtful undergraduate fine arts and design experience.”

We will present a draft to CVA faculty and other stakeholders by this Friday, and with their input, plan to publish a final draft shortly thereafter. Stay tuned!

Testimonial: Jamey Erickson, CVA alum 2004

Growing up in rural Minnesota, going to “art school” wasn’t something that was done. You maybe went to a University that had an art program, but art school’s just weren’t something you would consider.

In the fall of 1998 I decided to take a risk and visit a couple of these art schools I’d managed to find online. I made the trip up to visit two of them in the same day, and after being told to “come back when I was serious about pursuing art” by one, we nearly turned around and drove home after pulling up to see the next school was merely a house on Summit Ave in St. Paul. Something felt right, though, and we decided to go inside. Almost instantly I fell in love with the building and the community within and around the school became very apparent. I couldn’t sign the dotted line fast enough.

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Testimonial: Susan Eckwright, alum 1970

I graduated from SAA* in 1970. The smaller class sizes, and teacher response to the students had a feeling of an understanding of the technical and personal development of the student. With the education came a need to be responsible for monetary needs. Many had summer jobs that helped develope their skills.

*Note: The College of Visual Arts used to be named School of Associated Arts –Editor