2017 Exhibition and PechaKucha

Join us for our bi-annual exhibition and PechaKucha event!



September 7th – October 11th
Opening Reception, September 7th, 5:00-8:00 pm
Concordia University Gallery

September 21st, 6:00-8:30pm
Concordia University

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CVA Action 2017 Update!


Just wanted to let everybody know to keep watching our site and Facebook for updates about our upcoming exhibit and Pecha Kucha this fall. We’ll have more updates to share in the coming weeks.

CVA Representing at the Heart 4 Art Fundraiser

R to L: Joshua W Murray (CVA), Caroline Houdek (CVA), Liz Kasper (SAA), Neil Johnston (CVA), Shannon Brunette (CVA), Steve Harmon (CAA).
R to L: Joshua W Murray (CVA), Caroline Houdek (CVA), Liz Kasper (SAA), Neil Johnston (CVA), Shannon Brunette (CVA), Steve Harmon (CAA).

Attending the White Bear Center for the Arts Heart 4 Art Fundraiser last week was alumni from the different incarnations of the College of Visual Arts . CVA Action was introduced to Liz Kasper, a graduate of the School of Associated Arts and Steve Harmon, a graduate of the College of Associated Arts.

Photos from PechaKucha

Thank you to everyone that made PechaKucha a success! CVA Action would like to thank presenters Pascal Staub, DC Ice, Abby Haddican, Joseph Kuefler, Marc Stephens (speaking about Aaron Purmort’s work), Jehra Patrick, Ben Levitz, and Jamey Erickson. We also would like to thank Val Jenkins and Rosalux Gallery.

Photos from Reverberations

A huge thank you goes out to everyone that made the Reverberations show a success! We couldn’t have done it without the support from Form+Content Gallery, Traffic Zone Gallery, the CVA alumni, and former faculty and staff.

photos by Steve Stenzel

CVA 2024 continues work on a turnaround plan for The College of Visual Arts

CVA Action subcommittee CVA 2024 met again yesterday with higher education guru David Mathieu to further develop a turnaround framework for CVA, with a focus on college structure, space and building usages, and marketing strategy. In addition to establishing a viable and sustainable path forward for the college, the plan also emphasizes a mission to “restore the importance of educating an emerging workforce in practical creative problem-solving, as provided by a quality and thoughtful undergraduate fine arts and design experience.”

We will present a draft to CVA faculty and other stakeholders by this Friday, and with their input, plan to publish a final draft shortly thereafter. Stay tuned!

CVA Action working on turnaround plan for The College of Visual Arts

This week the subcommittee CVA 2024 has been meeting with David Mathieu, an expert in higher education, to further develop a turnaround framework for The College of Visual Arts, including a sustainability plan meant to ensure CVA will be around to celebrate its 100 anniversary in 2024. This business plan will be a crucial component of our campaign as we expand our fundraising efforts to the greater community. We expect to submit a draft to CVA faculty and other stakeholders by this Friday, and with their input, plan to publish a final draft shortly thereafter. Stay tuned!

CVA Action Public Meeting update

We held our public meeting today and around 30 people attended. All board members were present. The agenda is included below, as it provided the outline of our topics. FAQ sheets were distributed and is posted online. Many good comments and questions were raised and there seemed to be support from the attendees.

The response to the development of a turnaround framework was positive. The Board announced that it is working to have more information regarding the turnaround framework ready by Friday, March 1st. We will get it out to the public as soon as possible.

Several people stepped forward to volunteer for committees. For those who were unable to attend today contact Nyla Niblo for committee information or email cvaaction@gmail.com. Please continue to donate and share word of our work as CVA Action group. Thanks for your continued support.

CVA Action Public Meeting
Saturday, February 23, 2013
12:00 pm – 2:00 pm


Introduction of CVA Action Board
College of Visual Arts history
College of Visual Arts value and testimonies
CVA Action history
CVA Action objective
CVA Action ways to be involved
Question and answer session

Fundraising update

Wow your response has been tremendous in this tight time frame. Thanks to everyone who has donated already. We have raised over $52,000 at this time. Over 170 people have supported CVA Action with donations in less than 7 days. The support for CVA is tremendous.

However some may wonder what happens now as the noon deadline has come. The answer is keep donating and believing in the cause. We are being heard and have additional time to work this through.

CVA Action will continue our efforts to keep CVA open and explore options. We are not done and actually have more excitement now than before among the alumni and public.

CVA Action is holding it’s first public meeting Saturday, Febraury 23rd in St. Paul and all are welcome to attend.

IMMEDIATE FUNDRAISING Campaign Announcement:

The groups CVA Action and Save CVA have been waiting for the opportunity to jump in and help the College of Visual Arts stay open. This is it- your call to action is NOW.

On January 16, 2013 the College of Visual Arts in St. Paul Minnesota announced that it will close its doors forever on June 30, 2013. CVA Action quickly organized, gained nonprofit status, nominated a board, met with CVA Board of Trustees and is now in the process of creating a turnaround plan for the College of Visual Arts.

The CVA Action Board was recently made aware of an IMMEDIATE need for us to raise substantial funds by Thursday, Feb 21, at noon. The college is facing an urgent situation. Full details we have obtained from the CVA Board of trustees are confidential; however, what we can say is essentially that if this situation not addressed by us now, it will prohibit CVA Action from making any further meaningful progress to keep CVA open. The CVA Action Board has unanimously decided that this is the best and most trustworthy action we can take to keep the school open- rest assured we are not financing a closing of the school.

We know this is short notice- so we are asking for you all to take action today to help save CVA tomorrow. What we are asking for is that the 1500 or so followers of Save CVA and CVA Action each go to the CVA Action website www.cvaaction.org and if each person averages a donation of $333 by Feb. 21 at noon through the website we can avert this crisis.  We know that some of you care deeply, but will be unable to donate this amount, but please do what you can. Therefore, if you are in a position to donate more, it will help. For donations over $1,000, please contact our treasurer, at dkbressler@hotmail.com.  Time is of the essence- if we fail to raise the funds by then, we feel that our entire effort may fail. If we cannot raise the target funds, your donation will be refunded minus reasonable operating expenses and fees.

Your donation will be tax deductible for the 2013 tax year, as 501(c)3 status is pending.

This is only the emergency phase of our fundraising plan. All should be aware that CVA Action has a multi phase plan in place- such as partnering with professional fundraising consultants, as well as a Foundation, to continue the fundraising efforts outside of our memberships.  Ultimately our goal includes raising $3 million dollars in six months.  For further questions, please see contact info on our webpage. Thank you for considering your donation and thank you for trusting in CVA Action’s efforts.

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