Testimonial: Devon Adrian, CVA alum 2003

The College of Visual Arts had a balance of everything I was looking for, all wrapped up in a small, charming, friendly, impressive package. Because I took a long winding path before I found my way to CVA, I recognized and appreciated all it had to offer. I first attended a few other schools, but none felt right. I worked full time in unfulfilling jobs. I was lost and not sure of my future. CVA provided the art training and well-rounded education I was seeking. I learned and thrived and discovered my future.

A wonderful, unique school nestled in the beautiful St. Paul Hill District. The small class size allows one-on-one attention. Amazing, talented instructors are well-known professionals in the fields of study, who offer industry knowledge, insight, and connections. They have passion and high expectations and instill both in their students. CVA demands the best of its students and teaches us to be creative thinkers and problem solvers. We gain superior skills and confidence and are prepared to enter the professional world and leave our mark.

CVA is a small school, but its reputation paints a large, colorful picture. I’ve been working in the Twin Cities design field for 10 years. I’ve worked in a small design agency setting as well as a large top corporation. CVA graduates are prevalent and successful in both worlds. I’ve reviewed portfolios at AIGA Portfolio 1-on-1 and found CVA students’ portfolios always stand out from the rest. The Twin Cities has an extensive and impressive design community and CVA has had a significant role in creating and shaping that success through educating future designers and artists and extensive community partnerships and contributions.

CVA has produced nationally recognized artists and designers. They’ve started their own agencies. They’ve risen to the top of big agencies in town and across the country. They return to CVA to teach and to become a part of continuing to create local art and design talent, which speaks volumes about how highly they regard and respect CVA.

Not only did CVA give me skills, knowledge, and a well-rounded education, it gave me direction, passion and a purpose. I was able to learn from and alongside many talented and inspiring people. I’ve always been proud I received my education there. CVA has been making an impact in the Twin Cities arts community for 89 years. It has shaped us and changed our lives. And now it’s time to give back.