Testimonial: Jason Strong, alum 1997

CVA saved my life. I was a confused state school student that knew what I wanted to do, but needed to fit someplace that would work for me. That place was CVA. At the time, it was open, honest, warm, friendly and caring. It was an Art College I could afford. Not a “big box” school where I would get lost at. This College is for kids looking for a quality art education from hard working staff. This is a College with character. It remains the same to this day.

I am now a Group Creative Director at a Digital Agency in Minneapoliis. Over the last ten years, I’ve hired many CVA graduates and the thread of quality remains—thoughtful, friendly, hard-working. Hiring from other schools has been less consistent.

Yes, it’s true CVA is the underdog. Thrifty, at times. But it’s this type of hands-on, common sense education the world needs to make a better place for all of us.

I’m hopeful the powers that be will understand that this is a special boutique College with a hell of a lot of character that deserves a future. For that is what it made for us.

A link to my Convocation Speech from last August: