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For 89 years the College of Visual Arts has played a dynamic role in the development of our internationally acclaimed Twin Cities creative community. The sudden announcement that CVA will close on June 30th, has shocked and energized us. We know the value of CVA’s contributions and the damage closure will cause.

CVA Action is a nonprofit organization committed to saving CVA. We seek to gather testimonials from all levels of the Twin Cities art world about our unique community and the role CVA plays in your field. If you share our belief that CVA is a vital part of our creative community, and our sense of responsibility to preserve CVA so it can continue to serve future generations, please speak now.

This crisis creates an opportunity for each of us to think deeply about what our creative community is, how we got here, how CVA has contributed to it in the past, and how CVA can continue to contribute in the future if it is allowed to live.

Please send your submissions to Ed Charbonneau at
CVA Action will post your testimonials on our website:

Thank you,

Ed Charbonneau
CVA Action, Vice President of Communications

Jeremy Szopinski
CVA Action, Vice President of Community Affairs