Girl in a coma for 7hours after date, dumped together with girlfriend in parking lot

Girl in a coma for 7hours after date, dumped together with girlfriend in parking lot

Two girls from Soest (Utrecht) were drugged by with the Date Rape Drug GHB during a date and were left unconscious on the street. One of them, a 17-year-old girl, was in a coma for almost seven hours. The perpetrators, two boys who called themselves Bilal and Amin, are still without a trace.

The incident happened on Friday evening, December 11, but was only published by the police this week through the Utrecht investigation program Bureau Hengeveld. The media attention has unfortunately not yet led to tips, according to the police. The two boys, around eighteen and nineteen years old, are wanted because they are suspected of drugging and leaving the girls helpless. The police state that, as far as is known, there has been no abuse.

Dark blue Peugeot
One of the girls had come into contact through mainstream social media with the boy named Bilal, or at least he called himself that way. They would meet for the first time in real life that Friday evening, December 11, after six months of internet contact. The two had met at 8:30 in the evening at the gas station on the corner of the Burg. Grothestraat and Nieuwerhoekplein. Bilal turned out not to be alone. He had a friend with him who introduced himself as Amin. The two drove a dark blue Peugeot 107.

The trio then first picked up a friend of the girl, after which the four drove around by car through Soest. The girls get alcoholic drinks from the boys while touring. At some point one of the girls literally gets sick and vomits in the car. Amin – the suspected owner of the car – is furious about this. The girls then become dazed and do not remember anything else.

Found by passer-by
A passer-by finds the two girls more than two hours after the start of the date – at 10:50 in the evening – unconscious in the car park of the Johanneskerk. They were covered with a coat. One of the girls had an injury to her face. At that time, the temperature was around freezing. Emergency services were alerted and both girls were taken to the hospital by ambulance. According to the police, one of the two woke up from her coma only seven hours later. Her friend regained consciousness more quickly. Research showed traces of GHB. GHB is known as a rape drug.

The girls did not suffer any permanent physical injuries from the incident, according to the police. The two are now anxious and very careful.